House Beautiful, the hugely popular New York-based magazine decided to conduct a poll towards the end of 2018 gauging how people viewed the homes they lived in now and what they would like their homes to be by 2024. 

Their revealing report provided further evidence of a cultural shift from homes being merely a place to sleep and eat. The consumer of today wants more for their dollar, so home should mean many things and be flexible for both leisure and work. 

The report claims: “Many people now view their homes as a place for leisure and work, with more homeworkers today than ever – and this will only increase. But it seems that working on laptops is the most common practice as most don’t have a designated office space. 

“This could mean working at a table, on the couch or even on the bed! With some 64 per cent of participants thinking that even more people will be working from home in the future, homes will need to be better equipped to allow the shift away from workplaces. 

“When you consider that the iPhone only came out less than 11 years ago, it’s not surprising that 26% of respondents believe that many homes will include smart technology such as #Hive and #Alexa in the next five years. 

“The survey participants also predicted other smart technology thought to be more popular in homes in five years’ time include smart TVs and charging points for electric cars.” 

Looking further ahead, the report concludes: “Within a decade, it is predicted that sustainability will be a key aspect of homes. Almost 20% think properties will be made mostly of sustainable materials, such as solar panels and flood resistant technology.” 

UK Insurance giant AXA added: “Throughout the decades AXA has seen a number of changes in the way people live their lives and the homes they reside in.  

“Today more than ever, people are starting to use their homes for multiple purposes and are relying more heavily on new technology, and this is set to continue. In the next 5, 10 & 20 years we expect homes to change once again, but into what is not yet known.” 

Perhaps visionaries such as BabelChain can provide the answers…

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